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Heavy rain, storms, flooding in India, Nepal, and Finland

Staff Writer | August 13, 2017
Heavy rain targeted northeastern India and Nepal, forcing the evacuations of more than 44,000 people and triggering deadly river flooding.
Finland storm
Weather   At least 49 people have been killed in Nepal
At least 49 people have been killed in Nepal as a result of flooding, according to the Associated Press. At least two dozen others remain missing.

The flooding prompted the closure of an airport in the city of Biratnagar as more than 500 mm (2 feet) of water covered the runway.

Frequent downpours will continue to target communities from northeastern Uttar Pradesh to Assam, Nagaland and Manipur early this week.

Neighboring parts of Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh will also be inundated.

The potential exists for some communities to receive 75-125 mm (3-5 inches) of torrential rainfall each day into Wednesday. Each round of downpours will further increase the risk for flooding and mudslides, especially where the ground is already saturated.

The hardest hit areas of Nepal and northeast India could see 250 mm (10 inches) or more within a 24 hour period.

At least 100,000 people have already been impacted by the flooding in Nepal according to Red Cross estimates and that number could grow in the coming days.

Days of torrential rain forced 48,000 residents to evacuate in central China's Hunan Province, authorities said Sunday.

Heavy rain had battered the northern part of the province since Friday, disrupting the lives of 200,000 people in 62 townships in counties including Pingjiang, Yueyang and Fenghuang, said a statement issued by the provincial flood control and disaster relief headquarters.

As of 6 p.m. Sunday, 413 houses had been destroyed and 10,600 hectares of crops had been damaged in the province, said the statement.

According to the local weather forecast department, heavy rain is also expected on Monday and Tuesday.

A fierce thunderstorm hit southern Finland Saturday evening and wreaked havoc, including power outage and traffic disruption, local media reported on Sunday.

Trees also downed and roofs were blown off amid the gust winds, which according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, were up to 32.5 meters per second in the capital region.

Rescue workers told Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat that they received hundreds of emergency calls, most of which were about fallen trees and traffic signs, as well as other debris that had been thrown about by the storm.

Some fallen trees disrupted traffic on roads and railways.

According to the daily, as many as 50,000 households in southern Finland were left without electricity on Saturday.

By early Sunday morning, 9,000 households across the country were still in a blackout.

And a large shopping center in Espoo has reported serious rain leak, which has wet a large amount of goods. No casualties have been reported.