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Hanoi says will ban motorbikes by 2030, citizens skeptical

Staff Writer | July 5, 2017
Hanoi lawmakers have voted to place a blanket ban on motorbikes by 2030 to reduce traffic congestion, despite opposition from the public and transport experts.
Hanoi motorbike
Asia   Hanoi lawmakers have been looking for a solution
Under the law, motorbikes will be banned in downtown districts and limited in areas where there is adequate public transport, according to VN Express.

But some are skeptical about whether the plan will work.

Despite this, resident Ngo Ngoc Trai told the BBC he did not think the plan would work.

"The city is too crowded while public transport hardly exists," Hanoi resident resident Ngo Ngoc Trai told the BBC.

"For example, there is no underground system in Vietnam. Only in June did Hanoi pilot the first two-storey bus in some routes."

He added: "Looking back at the history, I don't trust any long-term plan here.

"The government used to say Vietnam would become an industrialized country by 2020. Now everyone realizes this plan has failed."

Hanoi lawmakers have been looking for a solution to reduce congestion and pollution for quite some time, with motorbikes – not cars – being looked at as the main target for restriction.