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Haley: I want world without nuclear weapons. But we will keep it

Staff Writer | March 28, 2017
The United States joined about three dozen other nations in boycotting a conference at the United Nations on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons.
Nikki Haley
World   A conference at the United Nations
Other nations sitting out the five-day talks included Russia, China, Great Britain, France, South Korea and Albania. More than 120 nations, including Austria, Brazil, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, South Africa and Sweden, are participating, supporting the negotiations.

"You are gonna see almost 40 countries that are not in the General Assembly today, and that's 40 countries that are saying in this day and time, we would love to have a ban on nuclear weapons," Ambassador Nikki Haley of the United State told reporters outside the General Assembly in New York as the talks started.

"But in this day and time, we can't honestly say that we can protect our people by allowing the bad actors to have them and those of us that are good trying to keep peace and safety not to have them."

She says the United States has already reduced its nuclear weapons by 85 percent under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty approved in 1968.

"There is nothing I want more for my family than a world with no nuclear weapons," Haley said. "But we have to be realistic. Is there anyone who thinks that North Korea would ban nuclear weapons?"

Haley questioned whether nations really understand global threats: "You have to ask yourself, are they looking out for their people?"

Ambassador Matthew Rycroft of Great Britain said his country stayed away form the talks "because we do not believe that those negotiations will lead to effective progress on global nuclear disarmament."