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GoAir passenger jet extinguished after emergency landing

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 18, 2020
A GoAir passenger jet in India was forced to abort takeoff after an unidentified object struck the aircraft, causing the right-side engine to burst into flames.
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The pilots reported ‘foreign object damage’ and informed air traffic control at Ahmedabad airport that they would be aborting takeoff early today morning.

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Eyewitness footage from the scene shows emergency fire crews extinguishing the flames just moments after the fire broke out.

There were no injuries reported and an emergency evacuation was not required. Instead, the plane was towed off the runway and the passengers disembarked safely elsewhere. The flight to Bengaluru was rescheduled to take off at 1:30pm local time.

An inspection by safety engineers revealed that the damage to the engine was caused by a bird strike.