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France working on French alternatives for English words

Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 30, 2020
France has announced a new list of alternatives for English language terms.
Paris street
French terms   Paris street
English words seeping into French has long been a bugbear of both the French language guardians the Academie française and various government ministers.

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And tech related vocab is usually the worst offender as new terms arrive to go with newly launched or increasingly popular technology.

The Commission for the Enrichment of the French Language (CELF) published the new list in an official government newsletter.

The agency works in conjunction with the 400 year old Académie Française to come up with alternatives to English words.

They are:

Ludopublicité - instead of advergaming, the method of advertising using video games

Ajustement automatique d'intonation - instead of Autotune, to describe the technical polishing of dodgy singers

Piège à clics - instead of clickbait for news and website headlines

Infox vidéo or vidéotox - instead of deepfake for faked online videos, usually of politicians

Infox or information fallacieuse - instead of fake news

Fresque vidéo - instead of video mapping, the process use to project lights or effects onto buildings

Audio or audio à la demande - instead of podcast

Divulgâcher - instead of spoiler in the sense of telling someone the ending of a film or TV series that they haven't seen

Hyperaccéléré - instead of time-lapse in filming or photography where a process is speeded up

Responsable des réseaux sociaux - instead of social media manager as a job title

Démineur - instead of sensitivity reader (the person whose job it is to flag in advance potentially offensive or upsetting content)

Directeur/directrice - instead of showrunner for a TV series. In French a film or TV director is know as a réalisateur or réalisatrice for a female director.

Minialbum/mini-album - instead of extended play (EP) for an album of a longer length

Mode express - instead of fast fashion in the sense of cheap, short-lasting clothing

Mode durable - instead of slow fashion

Responsable de la promotion en ligne - instead of traffic manager. Another job title, this one refers to internet traffic rather than cars and bikes

Romance urbaine - instead of chick lit. Hardly a new invention, but chick lit - the rather patronising term for romance novels designed to appeal to women - is replaced with the more artistic sounding romance urbaine

Technologie de la mode - instead of fashion tech.