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Far-right party joins Yellow Vests protests in Belgium

Staff Writer | December 16, 2018
While around 50 "yellow vests" protesters began demonstrating in Brussels for the third time Saturday, the far-right party Nation made an unwelcome presence around 3 p.m.
Yellow Vest Paris
Europe   Nation made an unwelcome presence
The Belgian newspaper Le Soir reported that the far-right Nation party had made a formal request for the right to demonstrate in the streets of Brussels, which was refused at the last moment by the mayor of Ixelles.

The yellow vests, whose actions are motivated by rising fuel prices and high cost of living in Belgium, denounced the movements of the far-right Nation party for altering the purpose of the protests.

Blocked by the police at Arts-Loi, Saturday's protesters were evacuated to the Luxembourg station district in central Brussels, escorted by an important security device.

The police filtered access to train stations, where around 50 arrests were carried out in the previous weeks.

The police has advised people not to go to the city centre of Brussels until the protests are over.

Last Saturday, the police administratively arrested 450 people and judicially arrested ten others.