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EU countries agree 'traffic light' system of coronavirus travel restrictions

Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 13, 2020
EU member states have agreed to sign up to the new ‘traffic light’ system for international travel.
UK airport
Agreed   UK airport
The European Council of Ministers agreed to coordinate their approach to travel restrictions.

The system will see countries designated green, orange or red depending on three criteria:

The number of new coronavirus cases per 100,000 people over a 14-day period.

The positivity rate of the coronavirus tests carried out in the past week.

The number of coronavirus tests carried out per 100,000 people.

Under the plan, regions will be designated green if they have a 14-day rate below 25 and a positivity rate below 4%.

Regions with a 14-day below 50 will be designated orange provided their positivity rate is above 4%; however, they can have a 14-day rate as high as 150 if their positivity rate is less than 4%.

All other regions will be designated red.