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Electricity restored in almost all Venezuela, says minister

Staff Writer | March 13, 2019
Technical teams have managed to restore electricity service in almost entire Venezuela, which has suffered a massive blackout since Thursday, said Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez on Tuesday.
Jorge Rodriguez
LatAm   Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez says Venezuela made it
"After today's noon, Tuesday, March 12, we must say that the victory of the people of Venezuela against this attack is on track to consolidate," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez added that "those who perpetrated the brutal attack knew that they were simultaneously interrupting the supply of drinking water and the wastewater treatment system."

"Greater Caracas will begin to receive drinking water from the central stations that were activated early in the morning," he said.

According to the authorities, the country's main power source, the Central Hydroelectric Plant in Guri, in southeast Venezuela, was the target of sophisticated "cybernetic" sabotage that knocked out power to most of the country on Thursday afternoon.

As efforts were made to restore the system at the plant, other energy stations came under attack, including the Central Thermoelectric Plant in Tacoa, which supplements the electricity service for Caracas and surrounding areas, said Rodriguez.

While power has been restored, he said, "the electricity war continues and we notify all the people of Venezuela to be alert and to denounce any criminal action."

The worst blackout in modern Venezuelan history came amid heightened tensions between the ruling socialist party and the opposition, which is receiving Washington's support in its bid to unseat President Nicolas Maduro.