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Electric service restored in parts of Venezuela

Staff Writer | March 10, 2019
Erika Farias, mayor of the Libertador municipality, pointed out on Sunday that just hours after a second attack on Venezuela's electricity system, the service is beginning to be re-established in several urbanizations of this capital.
Erika Farias
LatAm   Erika Farias, mayor of the Libertador municipality
According to the authority explained to the multinational Telesur, the supply was achieved in several sectors such as San Juan, Catedral, Sucre, Valle Coche, San Agustín, Caricuao, and January 23, among others.

The government is acting on contingency plans jointly with the Bolivarian National Armed Force, said Farias.

She added that starting tomorrow, Monday, the distribution of food that the people need will be activated throughout Caracas with the activation of the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP).

Farias commented that to the call for calm and action with conscience of President Nicolas Maduro, the people of Caracas remain mobilized, with diverse expressions of solidarity, and without letting themselves be carried away by this provocation that the electrical attacks organized by the local right under the auspices of the United States mean.

Yesterday's popular demonstration at the Miraflores Palace was an example of this civic response, she added.

The day before, Maduro pointed out that the most recent sabotage to the national electrical system disrupted everything that had been done during the last two days to reconnect the country.

Before a crowd, the president said that since last Thursday's sabotage of the Guri plant (Bolivar state), Venezuela has suffered a series of aggressions of a cybernetic, electromagnetic and physical nature.

At midday we received another attack on one of the generation sources that was working perfectly and that knocked down everything that had been achieved so far, he said.

He explained that until last Saturday there was progress in a sustained recovery process that allowed the supply to return to 70 percent of the country, which was lost after the new attack.

The dignitary blamed the United States and its right-wing allies for unleashing an electric war against the nation, which in the last six years left more than 200 dead.

He also asked the people for maximum understanding and said that the process of reconnection that has now begun will be definitive and stable.