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Dutch ban electric carts after crash kills four kids, fault brakes

Staff Writer | October 2, 2018
The Netherlands on Monday banned a popular type of electric cart involved in a horrific crash that killed four children, saying they may suffer from problems with their brakes.
Stint vehicle
Europe   The driver and another child were critically injured
The youngsters from a daycare center died after their Stint vehicle was hit by a train on a grade crossing in the southeastern town of Oss on Sept. 20. The driver and another child were critically injured.

Around 3,000 of the bathtub-shaped carts are in use with schools and nurseries around the country, but infrastructure minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen said they would no longer be allowed on the roads as of Tuesday.

The minister had decided to suspend their use “as a precaution.

“The first preliminary results give rise to doubts about the technical construction of the Stint. This could lead to the Stint not working or no longer braking,” the ministry said in a statement.

Technical changes were also made to the design of the Stints without being submitted for approval with government agencies, it said.

“The findings mentioned may pose a risk for the driver, the children and other road users.

The ministry added that it was a “far-reaching decision with many practical consequences for the day care centers,” many of which rely on the vehicles to get around.

Edwin Renzen, the founder of the Renzen company that makes the Stints, said the decision was premature.

“This is based on a working hypothesis, that should not be a reason to ban all Stints on public roads immediately,” he told NOS broadcaster.