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Dubai road deaths drop 31 percent in just one year

Staff Writer | July 10, 2017
Road deaths in Dubai have decreased by 31 percent during the past six months when compared to the same period last year, a policeman said on Sunday.
Dubai road
Emirates   Six people in 100,000 die in road accidents
Some 77 people died in 1,395 traffic accidents in the first half of this year in comparison to 112 deaths last year.

Maj Gen Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, chairman of the Federal Traffic Council and assistant commander-in-chief of Dubai Police, said the drop in road deaths was a result of stricter traffic regulations and increased police patrols.

Sudden swerving, failure to keep a safe distance between cars and driving under the influence were among the leading causes of collisions and deaths, an official at Dubai Police said.

“An accident takes place on Dubai roads every three minutes because of motorists not leaving enough distance between vehicles,” Maj Gen Al Zafeen said.

Tailgating caused 19 deaths in 302 accidents and driving under the influence of alcohol caused 207 accidents that killed two, according to statistics from the Dubai Police traffic department.

Maj Gen Al Zafeen said that sudden swerving led to 17 deaths in 307 accidents and caused injuries to 262 people.

Recent changes in traffic laws saw the fine for distracted driving double to Dh800 ($217).

Currently six people in 100,000 die in road accidents across the UAE.

Maj Gen Al Zafeen said the General Traffic Council hope to reduce the number to 3 deaths per 100,000 residents by 2021.