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Dog stays at Wuhan hospital 3 months after owner dies of coronavirus

Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 26, 2020
A dog in Wuhan who waited three months in a hospital where its owner died from the coronavirus, has recently been given to a pet shelter.
Xiao Bao
Dog   Xiao Bao
The dog, a male mongrel, arrived with its owner at the hospital in Wuhan where the coronavirus outbreak began in February, the U.K.’s Metro reported.

The dog’s owner died five days after being admitted to Taikang Hospital. But according to one hospital cleaner, the pup refused to leave the premises and survived on scraps of food given by staff.

After Wuhan lifted its lockdown in mid-April, Wu Cuifen, who runs the hospital’s supermarket, began caring for the dog.

“I first noticed the little dog when I returned to work in the middle of April,” Wu said. “I called him Xiao Bao (Little Treasure). That’s the name I gave him.”

Wu said Xiao Bao would be waiting every morning for the shop to open and “see me off at the end of each day.”

After the hospital received complaints about the dog roaming the hospital’s corridors, nurses last week called the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association.

The association’s director, Du Fan, said Xiao Bao has been treated and sterilized and its potential new owners are being vetted.