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Democrats consider Russia as greatest threat, Republicans don't agree

Staff Writer | April 23, 2017
A new Pew poll showed that ordinary Americans consider Russia as the "greatest danger."
Vladimir Putin
Relations   The Pew Research Center
According to the Pew Research Center's latest poll released early this week, about one in three Americans cite Russia as the country representing the greatest danger to the United States when asked an open-end question. In comparison, 22 percent point to the DPRK.

However, the proportion of respondents citing both Russia and the DPRK are among their highest dating back to 1990, said the poll.

In addition, the poll found that compared with Republicans, Democrats are more likely to name Russia as the country to pose the greatest danger to the United States, with 39 percent Democrats holding this view, nearly twice as many as Republicans who think alike.

The Pew poll of 1,501 U.S. adults was conducted between April 5 and April 11 before the recent tensions with the DPRK, especially before the DPRK conducted its latest failed missile lunch test on April 16.