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Delta flight from Las Vegas to Paris diverted to Boston

Christian Fernsby ▼ | January 10, 2020
A Paris-bound flight from Las Vegas was reportedly diverted to Boston because of a loud noise today.
Delta airlines
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According to media reports, the Delta airlines Flight 148, Boeing 777, had departed Las Vegas on Thursday and landed safely at Boston Logan International Airport after the crew reported a 'mechanical emergency'.

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It was further reported that one passenger also suffered a 'medical emergency' once the flight was landed.

A local Boston media outlet reported, that the flight was diverted after a crew member had reported a vibration and declared an emergency.

The flight departed McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and was headed to Paris.

While speaking to the media outlet Delta Spokesperson apologised to the customers on Flight DL148 from Las Vegas to Paris Charles de Gaulle.

He further added that another Delta crew and aircraft were en route to accommodate customers on an alternate flight to Paris as soon as possible.