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Cruise ship MS Westerdam finally allowed to dock

Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 13, 2020
A cruise ship that was stranded at sea, because ports were worried about passengers bringing coronavirus, has been allowed to dock in Cambodia.
MS Westerdam
Health in Asia   MS Westerdam
The MS Westerdam had been turned away by five places in Asia in recent days.

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Another cruise ship in quarantine in Japan has more than 200 infections but the Westerdam, with more than 2,000 crew and passengers, has none.

Only on Tuesday, the cruise liner attempted to dock in Bangkok but was denied permission.

A Thai Navy ship escorted her out of the Gulf of Thailand, from where she set course for Cambodia.

Today morning, the ship finally arrived at an anchoring point in the port city of Sihanoukville.

"This morning, just seeing land was such a breathtaking moment," passenger Angela Jones from the US told Reuters. "I thought: is this real?"