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Coronavirus vaccine: UNICEF to stockpile more than half a billion syringes by year’s end

Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 20, 2020
As soon as vaccines are licensed for use, the world will need as many syringes as doses of vaccine, said UNICEF on Monday.
UNICEF syringes
Vaccine   UNICEF syringes
To begin preparations, this year, UNICEF will stockpile 520 million syringes in its warehouses, part of a larger plan to have a billion syringes ready for use through 2021, to guarantee initial supply and help ensure that syringes arrive before vaccines are distributed.

During 2021, assuming there are enough doses of coronavirus vaccines, UNICEF expects to deliver around a billion syringes to support coronavirus vaccination efforts on top of the 620 million syringes the agency will purchase for other vaccination programmes, against other diseases such as measles, typhoid and more.

Besides syringes, UNICEF is also buying 5 million safety boxes so that used syringes and needles can be disposed in a safe manner by personnel at health facilities, reducing the risk of needle stick injuries and blood borne diseases.

Every safety box carries 100 syringes. Accordingly, UNICEF said it was “bundling” the syringes with safety boxes to ensure enough safety boxes are available to go along with the syringes.