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Coronavirus: Consumer Protection Association of Austria files lawsuit against Tyrol

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | March 28, 2020
The Consumer Protection Association of Austria (VSV), which has filed a lawsuit against the province of Tyrol, for malpractice in the case of the spread of coronaviruses at the Ischgl ski center and attempted cover-up, said that in two days 400 people, more than 350 Germans, reported join the lawsuit.
VSV reports to Tyrol authorities that th   Ischgl
VSV reports to Tyrol authorities that they have reacted too late to information on coronavirus infection in Ischgl, that is, they have tried to cover it up and thus avoid closing the tourist center. Namely, in Ischgl, and above all in the apricot ski bar Kicloh, hundreds of Scandinavians, Germans and Austrians became infected.

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The VSV has previously filed a complaint against the Tyrol province president, Gunther Plater, the mayor, the cableway association and other government officials. At the same time, it launched a call for a class action lawsuit against people who contracted a coronavirus while skiing in Tyrol.

VSV announces that through its website it wants to collect statements from witnesses who need to prove that the closure of the ski center was delayed for purely commercial reasons.