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China exempts North Korean traders from ban on foreign arrivals

Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 22, 2020
Despite slapping a ban on the entry of foreign nationals into the country amid coronavirus concerns, China has given an exemption to North Korean traders, Daily NK has learned.
North Korea border
Exemption   North Korea border
“A special measure that allows citizens from both countries to cross over the border was put into place from midnight on Mar. 27,” a China-based source told Daily NK on Monday.

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“Mainly traders have applied for special temporary trade permits to conduct cross-border business activities,” he added.

China’s foreign ministry announced on Mar. 26 through its official website that the country had decided to temporarily suspend entry into China by foreign nationals with visas or residence permits.

Only North Korean traders who have been “pre-approved” for travel can reportedly receive temporary entry permits into China. They must have health certificates to prove they do not have coronavirus as well as work-related certificates issued by North Korean authorities, Daily NK sources said.

Temporary travel permits are expected to be issued to North Koreans who focus on the import of medicinal supplies, fertilizer and construction materials.