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China accuses U.S. of cold war mentality, increases defense spending

Staff Writer | March 5, 2018
China has urged the U.S. to drop its cold war mentality after Washington said it planned to diversify its nuclear armoury with smaller bombs.
China military
Tensions   China has announced a military budget of $175bn
"The country that owns the world's largest nuclear arsenal, should take the initiative to follow the trend instead of going against it," China's defence ministry said on Sunday.

The U.S. military believes its nuclear weapons are seen as too big to be used and wants to develop low-yield bombs, Russia has already condemned the plan.

Iran's foreign minister claimed it brought the world "closer to annihilation".

China has announced a military budget of 1.11 trillion yuan ($175bn) for the coming year.

The figure, an 8 percent increase on last year, was announced by Prime Minister Li Keqiang as the annual meeting of parliament got under way in Beijing.

Mr Li also set a target of 6.5 percent growth for the economy.