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BRA Airline makes emergency landing in Stockholm

Christian Fernsby ▼ | December 9, 2019
BRA airline (Braathens Regional Airlines) performed an emergency landing.
Braathens Regional Airlines
Air incident   Braathens Regional Airlines
The plane was unable to continue the flight due to wing de-icing difficulties.

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The BRA-flight took off from Stockholm’s Bromma Airport headed for Ängelholm Airport 545 kilometers (339 miles) away. The airplane made an emergency landing on Stockholm’s Skavsta Airport, another regional Stockholm airport.

However, trouble began 20 minutes after departure. After that, the captain informed the passengers that an emergency landing had become necessary.

Sara Jönsson, a spokesperson for the Swedish Sea and Airplane Rescue unit said that the pilots had difficulty controlling the airplane once the ice buildup became uncontained.

Jönsson continued to say that no one was hurt. Fortunately, the emergency landing was completed with no further complications.

Anna Soltorp, BRA’s spokesperson confirmed that Braathens Regional Airlines had made an emergency landing at Stockholm’s Skavsta Airport. "The plane had experienced an ice buildup on the wings. With the de-ice system not able to shed the ice as designed, the plane descended to warmer air. Then, the plane made the emergency landing at Skavsta Airport."

Soltorp said the passengers were well taken care of after landing.