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Azerbaijan threatens missile attack on Armenian nuclear plant

Christian Fernsby ▼ | July 16, 2020
Azerbaijan threatened on Thursday to launch missile attacks on Armenia’s Metsamor nuclear plant amid continuing deadly clashes on the Armenian Azerbaijani border.
Metsamor nuclear plant
Armenia   Metsamor nuclear plant
“The Armenian side must not forget that state of the art missile systems of our army allow us to strike the Metsamor nuclear plant with precision, which could lead to a great catastrophe for Armenia,” said Vagif Dargahli, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry spokesman.

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According to Azerbaijani news agencies, Dargahli responded to what he described as Armenian threats to attack a large reservoir in central Azerbaijan.

The Armenian Foreign Ministry condemned Dargahli’s remarks as a “manifestation of state terrorism” that "reflects Azerbaijan’s genocidal intentions.”

“With such statements, Azerbaijan’s leadership poses a threat to all peoples of the region, including its own people,” it said in a statement.