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Austria lifts ban for airplanes from 18 countries

Christian Fernsby ▼ | August 6, 2020
Citizens of high risk countries who want to enter Austria will be subject to new entry regulations, including a mandatory coronavirus test, Vienna’s International Airport has announced.
Vienna International Airport
Airplanes   Vienna International Airport
The new decision comes into force after Austria lifted its travel ban on flights from 18 countries on August 1, which has been imposed amid a rise in new coronavirus cases in these countries, reports.

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On July 16, Austria decided to impose landing bans for aircraft from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Egypt, China, Kosovo, Iran, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Sweden, Serbia, United Kingdom and Ukraine.

However, citizens of Western Balkans along with those outside the EU, are still ineligible to enter Austria, including Andorra and the United Kingdom.