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At least 15 dead and houses swept after devastating floods and landslides in Japan

Christian Fernsby ▼ | July 4, 2020
At least 15 people in Japan are feared dead, nine are missing and one person was seriously injured on Saturday after unprecedented heavy rain fell overnight triggering floods and landslides.
Japan flood
Tragedy   Japan flood
Dozens of people were left stranded on rooftops and more than 75,000 people were urged to evacuate from the Kumamoto and Kagoshima prefectures in western Japan, about 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) southwest of Tokyo, following the rain.

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TV broadcasts showed footage of houses swept away by mudslides in the city of Ashikita, and cars submerged to their windows and residential areas swamped beneath muddy water in the city of Hitoyoshi.

Eighteen people were in a state of cardiac arrest after heavy rains from a seasonal rain front triggered landslides and flooding in Japan's Kyushu southwestern region on Saturday, Jiji reported.

A nursing home for the elderly in the village of Kuma, Kumamoto Prefecture, was flooded, leaving 14 people in cardiac arrest. Another person was found in cardiac arrest after a landslide in the town of Tsunagi.

In the town of Ashikita, three people were in cardiac arrest and one person was in serious condition.

Search and rescue operations were underway as seven people were unaccounted for in the prefecture. Many residents were stranded in the flooding in areas including the cities of Yatsushiro and Hitoyoshi and the village of Sagara.

The Kuma River flooded at 11 locations, apparently breaching a levee in Hitoyoshi. Two bridges were washed away. Landslides occurred at 15 locations in Kumamoto and one in neighboring Kagoshima Prefecture, according to the land ministry.