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Americans worry about healthcare for over a decade

Staff Writer | March 26, 2018
Fifty-five percent of Americans worry "a great deal" about the availability and affordability of healthcare, topping concerns about 14 other issues Gallup tested.
Worried patient
America   The fifth year in a row and 13th overall
Slim majorities also worry about crime and violence, federal spending and the budget deficit, and the availability of guns. Unemployment and affordable energy rank last.

This year marks the fifth year in a row, and 13th overall, that healthcare has either been first or tied for first among the issues. The economy has topped the list eight times, including every year from 2008 through 2016 (this question was not asked in 2009).

Crime (in 2001 and 2016), terrorism (in 2015) and the budget deficit (in 2014) are the only issues besides healthcare and the economy that have held, or tied for, the top spot.

Most often, race relations has been the issue Americans worry least about. However, that has not been the case in recent years, as concerns about the issue spiked after several highly publicized cases of deadly confrontations between police and young black males.

Affordable energy and unemployment have been the issues Americans worry least about for the past two years, given low gas prices and low unemployment rates.

Unemployment also tied for last in 2001. Immigration and climate change have also each finished last once.