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Americans: We don't want to be vegetarians or vegans POST Online Media

Americans: We don't want to be vegetarians or vegans

Staff Writer | Friday August 3, 2018 10:34AM ET
America   These numbers of vegetarians and vegans are little changed in recent years

Animal rights activists have long encouraged Americans to adopt a plant-based diet by becoming vegetarians (abstaining from eating meat) or by becoming vegan (rejecting all animal products).

However, fewer than one in 10 Americans adhere to such diets, with 5% in the U.S. now saying they are vegetarians and 3% reporting they are vegans. These numbers are little changed in recent years.

The percentages of Americans saying they are vegetarians or vegans have changed little over time.

Gallup has asked Americans if they consider themselves vegetarians four times since 1999, with 5% or 6% saying they are vegetarian each time.

Gallup has asked about veganism in the U.S. twice, with 2% of Americans saying they were vegans in 2012 and 3% now.

Self-described liberal Americans are among the most likely to be vegetarian or vegan.

Around one in 10 liberals (11%) say they are vegetarians, and 5% say they are vegans.

This is higher than the 2% of conservatives who say they are either vegetarian or vegan.

Despite recent federal Food and Drug Administration rules mandating that U.S. restaurants post nutritional information for menu items, Americans are no more likely to peruse this type of information now than they were five years ago.

Today, less than half of Americans (45%) say they pay "a great deal" (16%) or "a fair amount" (29%) of attention to nutrition details at restaurants, similar to the 43% found in 2013.

While the majority of Americans (55%) think that drinking in moderation makes no difference to their health, the percentage who say it is bad for one's health outweighs those who say it is good, 28% to 16%.

Over time, Americans have become slightly less likely to say moderate drinking is healthy.


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