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Americans support Trump's $1 trillion infrastructure proposals

Staff Writer | April 8, 2017
Americans are far more likely to agree than disagree with President Donald Trump's proposals to require companies to provide family leave for parents of a newborn and to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure.
U.S. infrastructure
Living in America   The vast partisan gulf
A majority also agree with his proposal to significantly cut income taxes for the middle class and to provide federal funding for school-choice programs.

At the same time, Americans disagree more than agree with Trump's proposals to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, to cut federal regulations, to freeze federal civilian hiring and to eliminate funding for international organizations that provide abortions.

These results are based on a March 9-29 Gallup poll, which asked Americans if they agreed, disagreed or didn't know enough to have an opinion about 15 actions that Trump has taken or proposed.

A key but not unexpected finding is the vast partisan gulf in opinions about most of the proposals.

Republicans and independents who lean Republican are more likely to agree than disagree with all 15 proposals, although to varying degrees.

Democrats and Democratic leaners are more likely to disagree than agree with all but four of the proposals.

There is also little disagreement from Americans about spending $1 trillion on infrastructure, the other proposal that finds overall net majority support.

Trump is aware of this strong support, telling The New York Times this week that "Infrastructure is so popular that I might want to use it for another bill," indicating that he might leverage it to help pass healthcare or tax reform.