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Americans like Trudeau and May three times more than Netanyahu

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Staff Writer | August 22, 2018
The leaders of some of the United States' closest allies are viewed more favorably than unfavorably by Americans, but with favorable ratings for each below 50%.
America   Trudeau and May have net favorable ratings of +24 and +25, Netanyahu +8
At the same time, two leaders from countries with more fractured relationships with the United States - North Korea and Russia - earn minimal favorability.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Great Britain's Theresa May earn the highest favorable ratings of the six country leaders tested in Gallup's Aug. 1-12 survey: 48% and 46%, respectively.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (39%) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (37%) score slightly lower.

When factoring in the unfavorable ratings of these leaders, Trudeau and May have net favorable ratings of +24 and +25, respectively, while Merkel's net rating is +14 and Netanyahu's +8.

Between 28% and 35% of Americans have never heard of or do not have an opinion about these leaders.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un's favorable rating is in the single digits, at 6%, while Russian President Vladimir Putin's is not much higher, at 13%. Only 4% of Americans have no opinion of these men, leaving about eight in 10 viewing each unfavorably.

Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to feel positively about Netanyahu, reflecting their greater support for Israel and perhaps Trump's own close relationship with the Israeli leader.

Republicans are also more positive than Democrats toward Putin, and to a lesser degree toward Kim, although these support levels are still low.

Conversely, Democrats are much more positive than Republicans toward Trudeau and Merkel, both of whom have found themselves in Trump's crosshairs since he took office, leading to some rocky public interactions. Although Britain's May has also had her troubles with Trump, her image is less polarized.