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Air India Express Boeing 737-800 hits antenna and wall on takeoff Tiruchirappalli Airport

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Staff Writer | October 16, 2018
Air India Express flight 611, a Boeing 737-800, impacted the localizer antenna and an airport wall on takeoff from Tiruchirappalli International Airport, India on Friday 12 October 2018.
Air India Express
Asia   Air India Express flight 611
The aircraft took off from runway 27 at 01:18 local time. Past the end of the runway, the underside of the fuselage hit the localizer antenna and a brick wall, causing severe damage.

The aircraft climbed to FL360 and proceeded towards Dubai. According to a statement from Air India Express the crew reported that all systems

ere normal. After learning from Tiruchirappalli that they might have hit a wall, the flight crew decided to divert to Mumbai.

At that time the flight was well over the Arabian Sea. The aircraft landed safely at 05:38 local time.