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Air Canada Jazz flight makes emergency landing in Ottawa

Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 21, 2020
An Air Canada Jazz passenger says the front wheel of the Dash 8-300 plane opened just 60 metres before landing at the Ottawa International Airport.
Air Canada Jazz
Air incident   Air Canada Jazz
The AC8851 flight from Moncton to Ottawa made an emergency landing yesterday afternoon after an issue with its landing gear on final approach to the runway. The plane landed about 90 minutes behind schedule.

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Passenger Jason Ouellette tells CTV News Ottawa the pilot said that the front wheel of the plane “wouldn’t open” on final descent and preparations were underway for an emergency landing. He adds the pilot told passengers that if the front wheel didn’t open, they would prepare to land with the back two wheels and the nose would hit the ground.

“Strangely, there was no panic on the plane. Everyone was nervous, some people were crying before and after the event,” Ouellette said shortly after landing.

In a statement to CTV News Ottawa, the airline confirmed AC8851 flight from Moncton to Ottawa “experienced an issue with its landing gear” on final approach.

“As per our standard operating procedures the crew requested priority landing. The aircraft landed in Ottawa safely and without incident,” said Air Canada Jazz spokesperson Manon Stuart in an email.

Emergency crews were called to the runaway as a precautionary measure.