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After killing two people in Spain Asian hornet found in Washington and British Columbia

Christian Fernsby ▼ | June 2, 2020
A man walking on a road near Custer, Washington noticed an asian hornet.
asian hornet
Washington   Asian hornet
The finding adds urgency to ongoing efforts to trap and track the hornets, said Sven Spichiger, an entomologist with the Washington State Department of Agriculture, in a news conference Friday.

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“Since colonies can produce hundreds of queens, we probably have a few more to find,” Spichiger said of the insects, which have been trending recently on social media as “murder hornets.”

Several miles north in Canada, Paul van Westendorp, a provincial apiculturist for British Columbia, confirmed that one of the large hornets had been discovered in the city of Langley this month.

The specimen, collected after a woman killed an unusual-looking insect at her home, was found about eight miles north of where two other hornets were discovered last year near Blaine, Wash.

Swarms of Asian hornets (Vespa velutina) have killed at least two people in the autonomous community of Galicia, northern Spain, this year.

On Sunday, May 24, a swarm of angry hornets attacked and killed a man spending the day in the countryside with his wife.

And on May 10, a man reportedly died after being stung in the eyebrow while dealing with a nest near his beehive.