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Africa needs 11 million doctors, nurses and teachers

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Staff Writer | October 27, 2017
Africa will need up to 11 million doctors, nurses and teachers by 2030 in order to prevent a "socio-economic cataclysm" that will force millions of people to emigrate.
Africa teachers
Africa   A socio-economic cataclysm
That said the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), quoted by Reuters.

These 11 million specialists will be needed by the continent to cope with the growth of its population, as over the next 13 years the number of children there is expected to increase from 170 million to 750 million.

UNICEF has strongly attributed the high birth rate of the population to the growing number of women of childbearing age, and the drop in child mortality.

According to a UNICEF study, by the end of the century, every second child in the world will live in Africa.

The study also states that more schools need to be built and that more teachers, doctors, nurses and health workers should be trained to be encouraged to stay where they live and not to move to big cities or abroad.