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36 firefighting teams battled fire while oil facility burned in Israel's Haifa port

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 6, 2019
36 firefighting teams were battling a fire that has been ranging at an oil facility in the Haifa Port since Thursday afternoon.
Fire in Haifa
Middle East   Fire in Haifa
The industrial facility, that stores 80 metric tons of vegetable oil, is situated near Gate 1 of the Haifa port in Israel.

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According to the Environmental Protection Ministry, a command room has been deployed in the area in order to monitor the pollution caused by the fire due to the facility's asbestos ceiling.

According to Haifa firefighting unit commander, Hezi Levi, the fire started in three warehouses inside the facility, and has yet to be extinguished.

"[The teams] managed to prevent the fire from reaching the main facility that stores thousands of metric tons of oil," he said.

"Once the fire is put out, we will have to clean the oil off the roads and remove the asbestos," Levi told Israeli media.

"It is a large-scale event," he said, adding "other facilities in the area have been evacuated."