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Norway rules out technical failure as cause of vessel explosion

Christian Fernsby ▼ | June 14, 2019
Norway's Company Frontline, owner of the Front Altair vessel, one of the two attacked on Thursday in the Persian Gulf, ruled out this Friday that the vessel's blow was due to technical failure.
Front Altair vessel
European businesses   Front Altair vessel
'We do not know the blast´s and fire´s cause but we rule out that they caused a failure in the ship. This serious incident will be thoroughly investigated, 'Frontline´s CEO Robert Hvide Macleod stated.

The Norwegian tanker and another Japanese suffered impacts and explosions as they left the Strait of Hormuz, some 30 miles off the Iranian coast.

MacLeod assured that the shipowner will assume an 'active' role in the investigation and that it will not be until it finishes that the explosion´s cause can be determined.

The site of the event, near the Strait of Hormuz, is the same where four other ships suffered a sabotage just a month ago. In the area where blow occurred passes by one third of the oil marketed by sea travels and one fifth of that consumed in the world.