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1 dead, woman partially sucked out of Southwest Airlines jet

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Staff Writer | April 17, 2018
A passenger died and seven others were injured after the engine of a Southwest Airlines jet blew open in mid-air, sending debris into the plane's body and bursting a window.
Southwest jet
Accident   Emergency landing in Philadelphia
Passengers described hearing the Boeing 737-700's left engine explode about 20 minutes after takeoff from New York's LaGuardia Airport Tuesday morning. The plane violently depressurized when the window broke open.

The pressure change apparently pulled a female passenger partially out of the jet, according to a family member of another passenger.

Relaying information from his daughter-in-law who was on the flight, Todd Baur told NBC10 the woman was partially "drawn out" of the plane before being "pulled back in by other passengers."

"The passenger who was sitting right next to the window that exploded was in critical condition, covered in blood," said Matt Tranchin, who was sitting three rows behind her.

Another passenger, Eric Zilbert, said the woman was immediately given CPR by "several heroic gentlemen" who pulled her back through the window.

Robert Sumwalt with the National Transportation Safety Board said one passenger died as a result of the incident. Officials did not identify the passenger by name and it was not immediately clear whether the death was that of the woman witnesses described above.

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