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Postcard from Brum, the heart of England
BirminghamJuly 5, 2014 ET
This British city has no royal history, numerous palaces, fortresses and attractions like London Eye. But, if something wasn't developed, produced or innovated there, most probably wasn't innovated anywhere else in the world. Say hello to Birmingham, known as "the first manufacturing town in the world".
Sleepless city Tel Aviv
Tel AvivMay 31, 2014 ET
This Mediterranean coastal city has some of the finest sandy beaches in the world, awesome nightclubs and a nightlife that just doesn't stop. Meet Tel Aviv, one of the world's most intriguing and multidimensional cities.
The crossroads of America
IndyMay 3, 2014 ET
Imagine something really big. No, it must be bigger than that. No, the biggest. Imagine Yankee Stadium, Churchill Downs, the Rose Bowl, the Colosseum in Rome and Vatican City. Did you? They all can fit inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval. That's big, and Indy is our next destination.
Lively Recife of Brazil
Recife carnavalApril 5, 2014 ET
Built around three rivers and connected by 49 bridges, this city hosts the largest Bloco de Carnaval in the world and has some of the most famous beaches and more high-quality restaurants than any other city in Brazil north of Rio de Janeiro. Meet Recife, one of the host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
City of dreams, Macau
Macau Senado SquareMarch 1, 2014 ET
Give luck a chance to happen and get to know the tiny coastal city Macau situated in Eastern Asia, bordering the South China Sea and China, also the planet's biggest gambling centre. Yes, what used to happen in Vegas moved to Macau but Lady Luck always has her day no matter on which side of the ocean you are.
Utrecht, a city to explore
UtrechtFebruary 1, 2014 ET
If you are planning to visit the country where the tulips grow and the windmills turn, think about visiting one very special city, Utrecht, the country's fourth largest and the most charming big city with a small-town feel.
The year of Sochi
SochiJanuary 3, 2014 ET
Sochi, a city in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, situated on the Black Sea coast, will be one of the hottest destinations of 2014 - it won the 2014 Winter Olympic bid. And when we say the hottest destination, we mean it, because Sochi is a famous Russian beach resort.
Time to visit Lucerne
LucerneNovember 30, 2013 ET
Lucerne, located in the center of Switzerland, with its Old Town, warm swimming waters and the scenic Swiss Alps train tours, is the country's most attractive lakeside city. Some 200 million years back in history Lucerne was a subtropical beach.
Yes, that's Berlin
Oberbaumbr├╝cke Bridge BerlinNovember 2, 2013 ET
Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is nine times bigger than Paris and has almost twice as many bridges as Venice. The city has more museums than sunny days and its East Side Gallery is the longest open air gallery in the world. Its beloved symbol is traffic light man wearing a hat.
Grandioso Oslo
Oslo fjordOctober 5, 2013 ET
Tell me something about Norway. "Stunning landscapes!" Aha. "Trolls dolls are its most famous souvenir!" Aha. "They invented the cheese slicer!" Oh, okay. "Their football team has never lost against Brazil!" No kidding?! "Pizza is their favourite food and they even wrote a song about it!" Say again! "Pizza..." Stop! What's up Oslo?
Hello, Raincouver! What's the weather like today?
VancouverAugust 31, 2013 ET
If you are an outdoor type then you should visit Vancouver, a coastal seaport city on the mainland of British Columbia, Canada, and the third largest centre for the film industry in the North America.
The story of Tallinn
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, TallinnAugust 3, 2013 ET
Back in 1991 when "Wind Of Change" storm charts, some other winds were changing the shape of Europe. That same year Estonia declared the independence from the USSR, Tallinn became its capital, and Scorpions went to Kremlin to meet the world's most famous forehead, Mikhail Gorbachev, the last General Secretary of the Soviet Union.
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