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Megan Kelly
Brexit: World will not collapse if UK leaves EU
BrexitOn June 23, the citizens of the United Kingdom will made one of the biggest decisions they've ever made, but the picture is far from being so disastrous as some would like to paint it.

U.S. innovation system is still much greater than any other
Praveen GuptaPraveen Gupta, an innovation expert, has worked at Motorola and AT&T Bell Laboratories, consulted with some 100 companies of all sizes, and is well-known by Six Sigma projects with solutions producing big improvements in business processes.

Institutionalized persons are our first priority for rental subsidy
Jonathan McVeyDHS and the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) were awarded funds to prevent individuals with disabilities from being unnecessarily institutionalized or falling into homelessness.

Farmers are essential part of solution to climate change
Michael LohuisIn the global efforts to stop climate change, agriculture can contribute a great deal. Michael Lohuis, Ph.D., Agricultural Environmental Strategy Lead at Monsanto, explains the importance of farmers' contribution to carbon neutral economy.

Our in-house R&D is major factor in our success
Jonathan GaleNewVoiceMedia is spreading very fast in a very competitive cloud customer contact market, with growth in license revenues of more than 100 percent each year. Their CEO, Jonathan Gale, talks about strategic decisions that led to success.

Analysis: Volkswagen will have very hard time trying to survive
VolkswagenVolkswagen is in a trouble, and a very deep one. The problem is not just $18 billion fine the company faces in the U.S. - VW at this moment can't count on help from Germany for which VW is "too big to fail".

Watch out for Salmonella in macadamia nuts and bursting cider bottles
Hard CiderMahina Mele Farms is recalling some of its products after FDA testing found Salmonella in macadamia nuts.

What's behind Apple's loss of $113 billion
AppleShares of Apple are falling for fifth day in a row, the stock's third five-day losing streak in the past month, and the company lost more than $113 billion.

New Salmonella recalls target humans and their pets
Tuna recallOsamu Corporation of Gardena, Ca., is recalling all of its frozen tuna (loin, saku, chunk, slice, and ground market forms) sourced from one processing plant in Indonesia.

Salmonella strikes again: Five recalls across the nation in one week
Island FruitThe last few days saw several product recalls due to possible Salmonella contamination, from nuts and fruit mix to turkey sprinkles, across the nation.

Beginner's software bug can crash Boeing 787 Dreamliner worth $200 million
DreamlinerBoeing 787 Dreamliners contain a potentially catastrophic software bug that can cause pilots to lose control of the aircraft, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) warned.

Four new food recalls due to salmonella, undeclared ingredients
Food recallsHannaford Supermarkets said Nature's Place Roasted Unsalted Mixed Nuts and Nature's Place Cranberry Mix have been recalled due to potential salmonella contamination.

Countries rushing to join AIIB, US still stubborn
AIIBOn Saturday alone, Russia, Brazil, the Netherlands and Denmark said they want to join AIIB as founding members. A day earlier, Georgia, Turkey and South Korea filed their applications.

The day of food recalls: Carmel Food, Blue Bell, Wegmans Food, and Giant Eagle
RavioliHayward, Ca. Carmel Food Group issued a recall of certain Rising Moon Organics frozen Ravioli items, because of possible presence of Listeria monocytogenes.

Salmonella strikes back: Frontier Co-op, Trader Joe's, First Source and Vitamin Cottage recalls
FrontierFrontier Co-op is recalling several of its products manufactured with organic garlic powder under its Frontier and Simply Organic brands, and one product under the Whole Foods Market brand due to potential Salmonella contamination.

Why your magazine's readers don't want your app?
Mobile appsIn an effort to reach wider audience, magazine and newspaper publishers turned to mobile apps that became very popular and publishers jumped to create one of their own. However, that's not exactly what readers want.

Exclusive: The people behind Apple Electric Car, Inc.
Apple Electric CarIt is believed that Apple is interested in electric cars for some time now, so when a patent was granted to Apple Electric Car, Inc., that sparked a hope that the company is spreading into a new and unchartered territory. So, what is all about?

Four food recalls over potential Listeria contamination in last 10 days
Karm'l DapplesCalifornia Snack Foods is issuing a voluntary recall of California Snack Foods brand caramel apples with a best use by date between August 15th and November 28th 2014, because it has the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Gaza Sky Geeks startup accelerator raises $100,000
Gaza Sky GeeksGaza Sky Geeks (GSG), the first and only startup accelerator in Gaza, crossed the $100,000 mark in funding. The hub that gives hope to young entrepreneurs in Gaza had $70,000 as the first goal but that was crossed quickly.

Better iPhone 6 and disappointing Apple Watch
Apple WatchLeft for the end of the highly anticipated event, the Apple Watch was the central point of the Apple's presentation that gathered enormous attention among fans, stockholders, and competitors alike.

Price is main obstacle for 2-in-1 devices
2-in-1 devicesOne of the recent trends in, most clearly shown at this year's IFA, are convertible notebook, is a mix of laptops and tablets. This is a promising trend that can bring very lucrative products if executed well.

IFA Berlin 2014: Nobody cares for small companies, all eyes on China
IFA BerlinSince 1924 IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) Berlin, International radio exhibition Berlin, is one of the most important industrial exhibitions in the world. It shapes the industries around the globe, sets new standards and makes billions flow.

And the award for the best Twitter airline goes to...
AirplaneWhen you are on the road, Twitter is an ideal tool to get the information fast about you next flight. We conducted a customer-based study to find which airline company has the best customer relations on Twitter.

Goodbye, EU, and thanks for all the fish
European UnionDebt crisis in European Union is deepening, Spain's two-year borrowing costs looks terrifyingly similar to U.S. Treasury yields in 2008, global markets are looking at European policymakers but they are fighting - for the fish.

How to be rejected
Job applicationPersonality is extremely important when you are searching for a new job. However, it is unbelievable how even highly-educated people can throw their chances in the garbage. We collected a few examples to show you what not to do if you want that great job.

565D704 or TY2B3CR?
product name codeProduct name is at least as important as its functionality or design. However, it seems that we have a problem here: Too much products, too few names.