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Marla Martin
Ciudad del Este, spending great time in the second city in the 'two' country

Ciudad del EsteThey say the second is the first loser but that's definitively not true for Ciudad del Este, a very interesting city in Paraguay.

Villa La Angostura, Alpine views in wooden Garden of Patagonia

Villa La AngosturaVilla La Angostura, a town in the Argentine province of Neuquén, is one of the most beautiful locations in the mountainous parts of Patagonia. It is where the wealthy of Argentina tend to summer or ski. It is where it pays to be and be seen.

Buga, Colombia: Celebrating the Lord and holly water beer

BugaIf you wonder what's the connection between holy water, beer, and a miracle figure that a bishop set on fire, you must visit Buga. An old colorful town in Colombia is one of South America's places still not overcrowded with tourists.

Buenos Aires: Where Europe met gauchos

Buenos AiresBuenos Aires is the perfect destination for foodies, for those of you who want to see much and experience even more. And don't even try to go there without an idea what to see and what to do because you'll be lost in its landmarks, attractions and events.

Izmir, a Turkish princess with the most beautiful hat

IzmirFrench poet Victor Hugo once said: "Izmir is like a princess with the most beautiful hat." And indeed, its beautiful hills hidden among the clouds give it a special charm. This birthplace of Homer and many markets that seem to sit on every corner, make it one of the most interesting Turkish cities.

A captivating weekend in Munich

MunichTwo things are enough to start thinking about Germany: fairy-tale streets and beer. Add to that interesting museums, green gardens, stunning architecture and some of the most expensive retail space in Germany, and you got Munich, one of the most exciting cities in Europe.

Milan, Italy’s capital of chic, art to admire and food to devour

MilanWhen you think of Italy, you think of art and good food. Indeed, the Mediterranean country is the birthplace of the world greatest artists who shaped the culture of the world. And among all beautiful Italian cities, Milan is one not to be missed.

Marrakesh, an oasis in the desert below snow-capped mountains

MarrakeshSome 20 miles from the foot of the Atlas mountains there is one of the imperial cities of Morocco, a place where 130,000 hectares of plants and 180,000 palm trees create a contrast with mountains under snow. Welcome to Marrakesh, the place where the desert meets great beauty.

Aarhus, the happiest city in Denmark

AarhusA European Capital of Culture and a European Region of Gastronomy, Aarhus in Denmark is a total apposite of what one would expect from a city founded by Vikings. Also called The City of Smiles, Aarhus is the perfect mix of small town charm and Copenhagen-big-city style.