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Sota   The Cosmos shares its platter and suspension system with the Nova and Sapphire

Sota Cosmos turntable for audiophile grade listening


The Sota Cosmos Eclipse turntable has long been a familiar name in the vinyl world, and enjoys a loyal following to this day. The base price: $8,500.
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Sea, Land, Air

2021 GMC Yukon takes its premium quality to new heights

2021 GMC YukonGMC   Delivering credible off road capability with an exceptional driving experience
2021 GMC Yukon yells "First class!" even before you sit behind the wheel.


Cholera breaks out in eastern Uganda, 10 hospitalized

Uganda hospitalHealth in Africa   Uganda hospital
At least 10 people have been hospitalized following a Cholera outbreak in the eastern Ugandan district of Busia, a relief organization said yesterday.


Seoul to turn old highway into 7.6 km long park

Seoul highway parkLiving in South Korea   Seoul highway park
The Seoul city government unveiled a plan to build a gigantic linear park on the site of the country’s oldest highway, which will be turned into an underground roadway.


Start new year with new kitchen

Kitchen 2020Kitchens   It is all about making your entire kitchen feel sleek
The craziest night is behind us and now it's time to think about redecorating your kitchen for 2020. Why? Beacuse it's easy and it's fun.


Let your kid have unforgettable night sleeping with a dinosaur in Field Museum in Chicago

Dozin with the DinosIllinois   Dozin’ with the Dinos
If there is one thing every kid likes, candies aside, those are the dinosaurs.