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You do know the best, you are the best

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Roger Quinn ▼ | December 14, 2013
You do know the bestEverybody does as he knows best, sometimes that's cool, sometimes not so. But only people who do think they are the best make the world go round, only they make a difference.

The majority of people will never come with some revolutionary ideas because they are afraid to enter conflict and fight for their ideas. Those who think that they know everything don't have that problem. Yes, they are seen as hard and difficult to work with but they are true leaders, they force others to move.

Because it's the adrenaline that makes us moving, just as it makes doctors move to save our lives, a parent to run in the burning house to save his loved one... In order to make one step forward we need to create a creative chaos and adrenaline flowing.

When you have chaos, you are forcing people to move, to think, to fight for their ideas and jobs. And in that process both sides must know, be aware of, that it is not about "I think you can't think fast enough, your ideas are not good, you are too slow..." No, it's not about that, and must not be seen like that. We are a team, a good one, and we proved that more than once.

It's about - thinking, fighting back with arguments, talking about things that have sense, things that have no sense at all, supporting each and every idea with an argument - because you never know which one will pop up to be the one we need, the right one.

Once the idea is accepted, all the information digested, and everybody said how much time they need to do their part of the job - shorten the deadline. The idea is in place, your team is excited, don't let them cool off.

Expect problems along the way, a complain or two here and there because there's no job without problems to be solved now and then. When pressed - people think fast. They will do their job well and on time, don't worry about that, but also don't step back. A problem, if any, will be solved.

After the job is done, let your team rest, let them do whatever they want to do for a month, let they brains rest. They did a great job, they deserved it. And don't be surprised when after a while one of them come to you: "Listen, I've been thinking..." Fist bump! Yes, you have a new hit on the table. Congratulations!

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