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When top managers may take few days off?

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Ted Blackwater ▼ | August 8, 2016
Every employee, including the top management, needs vacation to recharge batteries and return to job happy and fresh. But what about the top manager, the person responsible for the whole company and all employees?
Office life   Going on vacation without worries
Every CEO is under a lot of stress: She must think about the whole company and every single employee, pay attention to the competition and the market, think about new products, financial issues and marketing...

So, it's not an easy decision for a top manager to decide to go on vacation but, may surprisingly at the first sight, one group of executives may go any time they wish.

Before you, the top manager, decide to pack your bags and head to Honolulu, there are some things you must do. Of course, along your daily duties. Let's see the short list.

First, you must make a decision who is in charge when you're gone, who has the power of making key decisions without calling you every now and then. That may be the board, president, COO, your deputy, or some third party, but you must put someone in place. That must be an experienced person, for which you already know it won't break down under pressure.

Then, you must be sure that all business processes are in place. In other words, the business must run smoothly, without the top manager giving directions every day. In plain English: If your company needs you, the CEO, for everyday work, that means your organization is poorly organized.

Third, your company must have a plan in place when and how your top management team may leave the company and what happens when they are not present. Duties of the board members, and top and middle management, must be clearly defined, with alternate executives in place during vacations.

In other words, it can't happen that two or more key people are absent at the same time. If you are an experience manager, you know that without thinking, but if you just started a company, that's another detail you must pay attention to.

Taking all that into account, executives who may go on vacations any time they wish are those in well-organized firms. Their companies are a mechanism that works without them. And exactly that is their greatest accomplishment: They succeed in creating a company in which everybody knows what, how and when to do.

So, if you are not sure that you can leave your company for a few days, don't blame a lot of work, bad market movement or higher force. Think about the overall business process in your company and how can you improve it. And don't think about that while you are somewhere on the beach, think about it when you get back, fresh and full of new ideas.

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