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What to do if someone can't meet the deadline?

Ted Blackwater ▼ | July 2, 2018
Some people just can't finish the job and meet a deadline. That's a fact. So, what can we do about it? Here are some tips and one excellent bonus tip.
The deadline
Employees   Some are great workers and outstanding experts but...
When you are used to do things fast it can be very frustrating when your employee can't finish on time no matter what. That leads to several problems, from frustration to huge problems in productivity.

There are two opposite things we must deal with here.

First, some people are just like that. They can't finish on time. There's nothing wrong with them, they work, they are trying but they just can't.

What's even more important, their life may depend on it but they will be late. They may be great workers and outstanding experts but, well, time is not their thing.

So, what can we do? Here are some tips to help you going, and you should follow them in this order.

First, you should see is the employee talented and an expert in the field. If that's the case, you may move to another step. If not, fire her.

If your conclusion is that you should try to do something, keep deadlines short. People who can't finish on time will leave the job they can do today for tomorrow. Since tomorrow is another day, they will put it off for another tomorrow. So, help them by making deadlines short.

Then, don't give them too much to do.

Assign them short taks with short deadlines. Think about it like you have and ADHD person: you are trying to keep them focused with tasks that don't take forever to be done.

Then, put them in their own office space, isolated from other workers.

That will help them stay focused on the job at hand. If you add an award to that, an award for the job done in time, they will try to get the job done just to get a reward.

Ask them to help other employees.

That way they will see that other people can do job and meet their deadline, as well as eat, talk, walk and doing all sort of things along the way.

Now, you will ask, why must we put so much effort in it? Well, you are trying to keep the worker.

But then you ask is there any other way, a short one to something? Yes, there is and it is our bonus tip.

Fire them.

Yes, that's right, fire them. Just ask journalists what happens if they miss the deadline.

In the best case scenario they'll get one warning, next time they are out. In a real world scenario they are out the first time they miss a deadline.

And that's understandable: if you can't meet a deadline that means that you a) don't care for it or b) you can't do your job. In both cases the outcome is obvious: the doors.