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Simple ways to be more productive without working 24/7

Productivity   Plan carefully and take breaks

Some of use learned how to be productive during long years of work on different projects, in different companies. You don't have to go that path, we'll share some of our best practices with you.

Every day starts with waking up, so let's first take a look at your nature. Some of us are early birds, some can't see well before noon. You should adapt to your nature instead of going against it: don't try to be productive in the morning if the only thing you can think of is a huge cup of coffee. Similar, don't try to work hard at night if your eyes are closing after 10pm.

Listen to your body and plan activities for time when you know you can handle your activities best. Of course, there are activities you just must do no matter are you full awake or still with a cup of coffee in your hand, but plan the most important activities for the period when you fell most active.

Then, plan your day ahead. Start every day with, say, 15 minutes of planning to make clear with yourself what are your main priorities. Write it down or not, but go through the day and remind yourself what you have to do before you jump on day's duties. Don't forget to leave some time aside for events you can't predict because they will appear whether you like it or not.

When talking about priorities, for each task ask yourself is it really in your domain. Remember that a CEO's job is not to solve every single problem in the company, there are other people with their responsibilities. Your job is to create good working environment and lead the whole company in a good direction. If you ask yourself what it the most important task for this day, you will very soon learn to prioritize task easily.

Always think about efficiency and better way to do the job. If you did something well yesterday, think can you do it better and faster next time. Can you spare a few minutes next time? Because, few minutes here, few minutes there, and you saved yourself an hour. Hour by hour, and you saved yourself days that you can spend on other tasks or you can just relax and refill your batteries.

Then, think about your week. There are better days and there are less better days for all of us. Leave, if you can, the most challenging tasks for your best days when you can do an excellent job and don't try to be extraordinary good every single day. Because you can't. Nobody can.

The next advice is: start tomorrow. Not some time in the future, tomorrow. Start with little steps and don't feel bad if you can remember just a task or two, with time you'll be better and better in planning and soon you will discover that you became the master of planning. During all that process, don't forget free time. Don't forget to take daily breaks and don't forget your weekly rest. A good rest is the key for good productivity.


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