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Reasons why people are leaving you

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Ted Blackwater ▼ | May 25, 2015
Keeping employees   What to do to keep your workers

Most employees want to do more, achieve more and went up, whether it's a new position with a higher salary or just a new and more rewarding project. Day to day work, if it is the same all day long, is not rewarding and leads to apathy in employees.

To prevent that, manager should follow team members, track their skills and achievements and must find a way to give them more demanding tasks. That may require new education or just a new way of thinking, but it just have to be some new and harder than before.

If your employees ask for an education package, try to provide it. No matter is it directly related to the job at hand or not, you will get a more satisfied worker who will come happy to work every day, will try to pay back with new ideas and production processes. People tend to come to brilliant ideas in most unusual places, so it doesn't have to be strictly business-related education.

The next reason why loyalty slowly goes away is when authority is not by achievement but by title. You are not a leader just because there's "CEO" sign in front of your office, you are a leader because you can show your employees that you can lead them by example, solve problems they can't, look further and think harder. That's leadership. The worst thing you can hear is "Well, he's the boss" because that in fact means "If he wasn't the boss, I wouldn't give a damn for his words."

If you avoid "dirty work", well, your reputation is certainly in its way down. The most respected managers are those who solve the hardest tasks and don't use their subordinate to do the dirty work. In other words, when it's about the work that nobody else seems willing to do, or it's just too demanding, it's leader's job to solve the problem.

Then, you have to give feedback to your subordinates and all employees. They should know in which direction the company is going, what you are doing for them, what's your idea of the future. If you keep your employees in the dark that's the best way to wake up one morning with an empty company because they may work in a successful company but they also need internal information what's going on.

Whatever you do, act like a successful football coach: success belongs to everybody, failure to you. If you are a new leader that may sound a bit odd to you but this is a very good way to earn respect. Look at that this way: you maybe signed a spectacular deal for the best product on the market but - who will make it? Your employees. So, give them credit where the credit is due but also from time to make your success theirs, trust us, that leads to real respect.

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