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94% of CEOs say consumer data most valuable for companies
Consumer dataMarch 11, 2019 ET
The results of a survey conducted by PwC suggest that consumer data is the most valuable for companies to harvest.
If you failed as a leader, here you will find the top reasons why
LeaderMarch 4, 2019 ET
Every now and then everyone of us makes a mistake. However, no matter how high in the company\'s hierarchy we are, sometimes we fall so hard, we fall in an epic way.
People trust their employers more than government or nonprofits
EmployerFebruary 25, 2019 ET
People trust their employers more than government officials or journalists, research reveals.
Talking like a CEO can earn CFOs higher pay
CEO-CFO social interactionFebruary 18, 2019 ET
Here\'s a lesson for chief financial officers: If you talk like your boss talks, you\'ll probably make more money.
Do you have an unusual name? Forget success
SurnameFebruary 11, 2019 ET
Financial analysts whose surnames are perceived as favourable elicit stronger market reactions to their earnings forecasts, new research from Cass Business School has found.
If you think you lead your people with gratitude, think again
Lead with gratitudeFebruary 4, 2019 ET
The THNKS survey suggests that business leaders may benefit from expressing their gratitude more routinely.
New research reveals the enduring benefits of hiring a star
Hiring a starJanuary 28, 2019 ET
Much has been written about the benefits of collaboration and sharing of ideas and knowledge during the innovation process.
Board independence protects firms from corporate misconduct
Board independenceJanuary 21, 2019 ET
The more a company\'s board is independent from management, the less likely it will become entangled in corporate misconduct, according to new findings, from a meta-analysis of 135 studies, published in The Journal of Management. The site of independence also matters.
The easiest way to become a CEO is to be promoted internally
Internal promotionJanuary 14, 2019 ET
What do the current CEOs of some of the world’s largest companies look like?
Nearly half of CFOs in Canada don't have a succession plan
Succession planJanuary 7, 2019 ET
Change management is always a major concern for organizations, but few challenges are more disruptive than an executive departure.
New research suggests language influences how consumers trust a brand
MarketingDecember 17, 2018 ET
Consumers make assumptions based on the language used by a brand or advertiser, and politeness does matter, say researchers at the University of Oregon and University of Washington.
Even if doing a good job, women CEOs more likely to be fired
Women CEODecember 10, 2018 ET
Women CEOs are much more likely than male CEOs to be dismissed, even when the women are performing well, according to research from The University of Alabama.
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