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Leaders who can read the crowd do better
Business meetingApril 23, 2015 ET
A new research from University of Michigan professor Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks shows this skill, which he calls emotional aperture, isn't just important for performers. It can define your success as a business leader.
Motivate, motivate, motivate
MotivateApril 21, 2015 ET
One of the key on the road to success is motivation. If a leader has motivated people, everything can be done. If not, the situation can become very bad.
Connect the boards and get bigger salary
Board roomApril 16, 2015 ET
If you have a strong network of business colleagues who sit on each other's board, your pay can be a lot heftier - often at the expense of your shareholders.
Stop 'The boss said so' culture in your company
The boss said soApril 13, 2015 ET
This conversation you heard numerous times before: "Why do we have to do this?" "Because the boss said so." If you heard it in your company, you are in trouble.
Make your company flat or be left behind
Flat organizationApril 8, 2015 ET
One of the best ways to make things easier for you and your employees is to cut down level of management as much as possible. But be careful: too much may be a path to disaster.
'Internal' CEO buys, 'external' invests in R&D
CEOApril 2, 2015 ET
CEOs hired from outside a company tend to spend more money on research and development, while CEOs hired from within are likely to make large, strategic acquisitions.
What makes a good leader
Good leaderMarch 31, 2015 ET
For any company to have a good leader is a must before even thinking about doing something great on the market. So, what else, beside common sense, make a good leader?
How to effectively ruin enthusiasm in your company
Bad leadershipMarch 28, 2015 ET
To lead a company, well that's a hard task. But, surprisingly, there are some errors you can avoid just by looking at others and using common sense.
If you have to manage your employees, you hired wrong
Managing employeesJuly 19, 2014 ET
Almost all managers will agree that managing their employees is one of the most important tasks in their daily duties. But, let’s take a look from a different angle, we might learn something very interesting, especially for younger CEOs.
Personality that doesn't exist
Personality that doesn't existMay 10, 2014 ET
So, you are searching for a new manager, the selection process is going fine, you are satisfied with some candidates but there is one that stands up from the crowd. "What a lovely person!", everybody agrees, "She will be a valuable addition to our company." And she is in.
Working against yourself
Working against yourselfMarch 29, 2014 ET
There are many managers around the world and exactly the same number of leadership styles. One style in particular, yelling at employees, may result in an irreparable damage for both the company and its employees.
How to solve complex problems
How to solve complex problemsFebruary 8, 2014 ET
One of the sentences you definitively don't want to hear as a CEO is "This is complex". It a) smells suspiciously like "I'd rather have a coffe" or b) "We'll have to spend a lot of time and money". However, you, as an experienced CEO, can solve this with a simple answer: "Break it down." Let's see how.
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