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If you can't read the future stop worrying in advance
Worry too muchJune 3, 2019 ET
How this will end? Did we do everything we could? Maybe we won\'t get that job after all...
Companies benefit from giving congressional testimony
CongressMay 20, 2019 ET
Firms looking to boost their market value and make a favorable impression on investors might consider opportunities to testify before Congress, according to a new study by management researchers at the University of Arkansas.
Time is money. Especially when it comes to giving and taxes
TaxesMay 13, 2019 ET
Would you be more likely to donate to charity if you could report the gift sooner on your taxes?
When hiring, don't forget: Creativity is not just for the young
CreativityMay 6, 2019 ET
If you believe that great scientists are most creative when they\'re young, you are missing part of the story.
Want to increase staff loyalty? You'll need to be seen as important
Staff loyaltyApril 29, 2019 ET
Offering praise and having a good working relationship isn\'t always enough to engender loyalty from staff - employees also need to feel that the relationship with their boss is important, according to new research.
Importance of having and communicating organizational values in company
Organizational valuesApril 15, 2019 ET
All organizations want motivated employees, but how can management practices contribute to employee motivation?
High non-GAAP earnings predict abnormally high CEO pay
Company earningsApril 8, 2019 ET
U.S. companies that use nonstandard numbers to calculate executive compensation are overpaying their top managers.
New CEO: Better without prior experience?
CEOApril 1, 2019 ET
Hiring an experienced CEO may not be the best option, even when the previous firm is similar in size or industry to the new one.
Emotionally attuned managers are better at judging workgroup effectiveness
Detecting emotionsMarch 25, 2019 ET
Researchers from NYU Wagner and other universities find that “perceivers who do well on detecting emotions in others are also better at discerning the effectiveness of group interaction,” even when observation time is brief.
If you want to be a CEO of a private equity firm, you better be a great performer
Private equity CEOMarch 18, 2019 ET
Private equity firms have greatly improved their ability over the past five years to hire the right CEO in a portfolio company and support them in their role.
94% of CEOs say consumer data most valuable for companies
Consumer dataMarch 11, 2019 ET
The results of a survey conducted by PwC suggest that consumer data is the most valuable for companies to harvest.
If you failed as a leader, here you will find the top reasons why
LeaderMarch 4, 2019 ET
Every now and then everyone of us makes a mistake. However, no matter how high in the company\'s hierarchy we are, sometimes we fall so hard, we fall in an epic way.
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