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Obstacles on your way to a new, great product

Ted Blackwater ▼ | January 11, 2016
When it's time to move on onto new products and expand new ideas, there are some common obstacles that can slow you down. Instead of jumping over them, we'll tell you how to remove them, that's easier.
Going forward   Removing obstacles that stand between you and the next big thing
The first thing that can ruin every project is a "committee". You put some people in the group and tell them to think about some problem and bring you a solution. That's good if they collect data or analyze the market - but not if they must decide should you move on with a new product.

First, democracy simply doesn't work in any company, that's why every company has top decision maker to set the course. Second, don't forget that your job is to make decisions, so - do your job.

The second mistake is to go a proven way. Take the product you have, add some features and yell around about the "next big thing" and you are on the right path down. It is very convenient to use what you have because that's the easiest way but in the long run that leads to just one outcome: one day you will wake up and realize that your competition is way ahead of you. The only way to go forward is to constantly think about new ways and possibilities you haven't tried before.

Uncertainty is something that can kill your creativity. It is well-know fact that our brain like bad and good things more than uncertainty and that reflects on business. If a leader is asking for more data, more research, more planning, more strategies... That's the sign that the decision will come - never. You, as a leader, must cut at one moment and decide what to do. Maybe you'll make a bad decision, but you must make one.

Then, you must have technical skills. Management is not just "find the best people and move away", it is just the cream on the cake. A leader must know how company's products work inside out to be able to lead the company toward new achievements. To sell water with sugar and lead a computer company, that's not the same.

And for the end, disconnect. We are not talking here about your free time, we are talking about disconnecting from your daily duties. If you are working on a new product or service, save some time every day to think about it and about it only, and don't allow your other duties to interrupt you. Every new product may make or break your company and it's important to think about it in peace before you make that big decision. So, put everything aside for a while and think. And you will make it.