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It's not all about talent, business stars can be made

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Ted Blackwater |
Create a business star
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There's no doubt, you have heard "She was born for that job" more than once in your lifetime. But, are business stars really persons born with some outstanding talent or there is a way to make them?

We all are good at something and less good in something else. When it is about the job, every leader wants the best in business or at least the best avaliable. However, two problems may arise: first, the best may not be available at the moment, and second, they may be out of your reach. In other words, too expensive for your company.

So, what to do? The answer is simple: hire good people are give them a chance to become business stars.

How to do that? The first thing you should do is to leave your fears behind and hire people who challenge your corporate norms. We know, every company has its own culture and it is part of its success but if you really want an extraordinary person you need somebody that won't bow down without a word, you want somebody who will challenge everything you already did. You need somebody who's not afraid to ask questions and who can't stand the answer "This is the way we are doing things here."

That may be a challenge but if you are a real leader you know that you should find different people - smarter than you if possible - and channel their energy toward your company's goals. Don't worry, they won't take your place, if you guide them well and give them a chance to show what they are capable of you will get true business stars.

The next thing you can do is to give them space. If rules must be changed, change them. If a new position in the company is required, open it. If they are asking to work at their own pace, let them do as they please and focus on their results, not on bureaucracy and norms.

While at rules, make clear to your employees why those norms are to be bend by some individuals and make it clear that you expect great results from them but that you will not tolerate their wrongdoing. Everbody will understand that there are more and less capable people, and every employee will appreciate the fact that your business stars will not be tolerated no matter what they do. For them, some other rules are in place, but they will not work without any rules whatsoever.

But, what if you can't find a person in which you are recognizing the potential business star? In that case, turn to your existing employees and simply ask them who would be willing to accept great freedom and great responsibility that goes with it. Don't focus on one group of people, make the opportunity availiable to everyone, you never know what hidden talent will come forward with a potential to change your company for the better.

So, the answer to our question from the beginning would be: You can create a business star, just make sure that it has enough room to grow and good environment that won't stop its development.

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