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If you can't read the future stop worrying in advance

Ted Blackwater ▼ | June 3, 2019
How this will end? Did we do everything we could? Maybe we won't get that job after all...
Worry too much
Psychology   There are many sayings and methods but one is enough
If you worry in advance two things are for sure: you will fail as a leader, and your mental health will suffer.

There are many sayings and methods that are recommended if someone worries all the time, but it's not enough to just read a nice quote, it is important to get to the bottom of it and see what's causing the problem.

When doing business, a degree of worry is OK and it shows that you care about your job and your company. However, if it becomes such a habit that everything else is in its shadow that leads to a major problem: a fear of making decisions.

While "Did we do everything we could?" is absolutely a good question and should be asked, if it follows each and every business thoughts that may mean several more serious issues behind it. Some of them may surprise you but stay with us, it's not complicated to solve those problems.

The first is, you are working too much.

If you are constantly "in" with time your judgment will suffer and you will start to ask yourself "Am I right?" more times than it's necessary. If you are too deep "in" then your brain is trying to solve the problems from just one angle and you should disconnect.

So, find some time in the day to daydream. It is proven that some daydreaming unleashes a fantastic amount of creativity. And there is a simple reason behind that: Your brain doesn't have to think about deadline.

This is a huge relief and it may focus on the real thing. You may think about anything in this world, your brain will think about the problem that's bothering you in the background and it will do that with no pressure.

Another thing you should do is to disconnect.

And we means disconnect. No phone, no internet, not even for your own fun "Let's see the news" or "Just to see what happens." Nothing. Those time should be spent with yourself to allow your brain to calm down without constant flow of information from the connected world.

And this may surprise you: If you want to stop worry, be fit. There are two reasons for that.

First, if you are not fit your subconciously think about your health and that ads another worry which will soon become a burden.

Second, while you are exercising or doing some other type of activity, your body and mind are focused on that activity which means that you are disconnected from daily business problems. That in turn means your brain is free again for some creative thoughts.

Now, what if after all those advice you still worry, remember one thing: business is not chess.

Yes, you have to think in advance but not a thousand moves in advance. Yes, you have to know your competition, but you don't have to know all history of your competitor back to Adam and Eve.

The problem is, in the background of constant worries is a simple thing: trying to predict all events in the future. All events. We will repeat that once more: all events.

Some people are trying to figure all outcomes of a current business move until the year 3000 and if possible beyond. And every connected event. And competitor's move. And new products. And new business trends. And customers' behavior. And...

You see it is painful to read that, so what do you think how does your brain feels when you put all those questions upon it?

Really, it is that simple. Don't try to predict every possible outcome and suddenly you will feel liberated from worries. You will still ask good question but you will not go overboard and fell into a loop that keeps you on the road to sanatorium.