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How to be wise leader if you are not born genius POST Online Media

How to be wise leader if you are not born genius

Ted Blackwater | Monday November 6, 2017 4:50AM ET
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In one point of time, one thought came to mind to all of us: "How clever she is!" Indeed, watching great leaders who accomplished a lot it is easy to think that way but we often fail to ask the most obvious question: "Are they born with it?"

Well, the good news is there are ways to reach the state when other will call you wise and smart and great leader. We just have to know steps toward that.

Wisdom has been called the highest state of knowledge. And this is our first step: knowledge.

Wisdom begins with a big data base of knowledge we gather through learning either through books or experience. This persol encyclopedia of experience creates effective ways of thinking about problems we encounter every day it and helps us find solutions to problems we are facing.

Then we have to teach ourselves to recognize different points of view. Often the conflicts in business are not a simple battle of good and evil - often there are two good ideas in conflict with each other.

Wise people are open to different thoughts and values and they know that there are no single universal wisdom.

In other words, even if you are a very experienced and knowledgeable person, you shouldn't fall in a trap that you know the best.

Wise people have a scientific mind: they are aware that things you know today may not be true tomorrow. The business and corporations are changing fast and new ideas replace old ones. And new ideas are there to help you, not to fight against them.

Along the way, wise people are not afraid of new and unknown situation, they are embracing they while trying to use their knowledge to adapt to new circumstances.

When thinking about the problem, wise people think about other people. They put themselves in another person’s shoes to see their point of view. It's like having your own team: collecting ideas from many to be better able to form your opinion.

While working on a problem, wise people put themselves in the second place and the broader picture first. They are trying to bring in relation economy, business and the company, to see how their ideas and their company fits it.

There's no point in putting you in the center of the picture if you can't recognize picture itself.

Now you see the simplicity and the beauty of wisdom: You don't have to be born genius, you can become a great leader following simple principles.

And the best part: It's completely free and how wise you will become that's entirely up to you.


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